Saturday, 21 May 2016


Stress describes the body’s reaction to events. Stress is an ineffective and unhealthy response to change. It is the body’s response to any undesirable mental, physical, emotional, social or environmental demand. Stress is the physical trauma, strenuous exercise, metabolic disturbances and anxiety which challenges the body’s well-being.

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Simple Tips for neutralizing Stress

  • Simplify your life and be realistic about life and work
  • Remove perfectionist ideas in your life
  • Learn to say no when the need arises
  • Visualize, imagine success and happiness
  • Exercise and keep fit, have creative recreations
  • Adopt healthy lifestyles – eat healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and less of animal fats
  • Totally avoid drugs except when prescribed by a doctor
  • Use positive emotions to neutralize stress
  • Be flexible, give in occasionally- you can’t win always
  • Practice coherent communication with others
  • Remove thinking errors.

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