Monday, 1 August 2016


Do you want to discover an interesting thing about your person and how what you see yourself as can actually affect you? This post will be of immense help to you.

Barbara De Angelis (1993) in her book said that there are two types of human beings here in the world today; negative people and positive people.
A negative person is someone who
Focuses on problems and resist solutions
Always finds someone or somethings to blame
Allows fears and worries to rule him or her
Is cynical and pessimistic about the future
Do not trust people easily.
A positive person on the other hand is someone who
  Always focuses on finding solutions
  Turns obstacles into opportunities and adversity into lessons
  Trusts in his or her ability to make a difference
  Believes that things can always get better
  Uses his or her vision to change their reality.
In which group do you belong?  
The group you find yourself goes a long way to influence your outlook and eventual success in life. It is up to you to try as much as possible to work on your personality. If peradventure you discover that you are a negative person, there is no cause for alarm, what you need to do is to start working on yourself consciously. Make concerted efforts to surmount the problems and begin to see yourself and things around you from a different perspective. As you do that you will begin to notice changes in the way you do things.
If you find yourself in the positive group, do not relax, keep it up and work steadily too to remain positive. Never allowany challenge in life to weigh you down so much that it will begin to affect who you are. There will always be problems and challenges in life but what separates a champion from a looser is the resilience and determination to continue to push along even in the face of problems.

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