Tuesday, 1 September 2015


1. Some Basic Facts of Academic Succes: The First Week of School: It only takes the first week of school for a student to fall behind and start playing catch-up.
2. The Critical Hours of the Day: The critical hours of day academically refers to the periods that you can study effectively it important you schedule your study period during that time
3. The Warning Sign: C Grade: The first C Grade is a sign that you need help. Bad grades are like dirty diapers. It is your responsibility to clean up all dirty diapers. This can only be achieved if you take your critical hour seriously.   

4. Bad Grades, Pain, Disconnection and Permanent Records: A bad grade feels like a punch in the face, it hurts. You are in pain, your self-esteem suffers, you are disconnects from the class You become blocked and depressed. You may be labelled UNSERIOUS if not careful. Don’t wait for a bad grade to become a permanent record on a academic profile. You need basic academic success skills (Hard work, Perseverance and Determination). 
5. Good Grades Deserve Great Rewards: When you are doing poorly you are in pains. Punishment and fear humiliate, rewards and incentives reinforce good behaviour. Give yourself a treat anytime you hit your target.
6. Academic Athletes Require Energy to Learn: A regular bedtime and a nutritious breakfast gives you child the ENERGY to learn: focus, organize, listen, think, write, edit, proofread, rewrite, research, memorize, and test.

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