Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Every individual is unique and special in terms of appearance, skills, abilities, talents, intelligence, strengths and weaknesses. It is important and necessary as an open distance learner to identify your positive qualities, special skills and personal strengths, so that you will be able to apply them in achieving success in your learning.
Self-concept is the judgment we make about our worth and the feelings associated with these judgment. Self-concept is about teaching yourself to love and see the good in yourself. Accept yourself and say great things you identify as your strength.

Types of self-concept
1.                  High self-concept: High self-concept is when an individual’s beliefs, views, thoughts, values or judgment about himself/herself is positive and healthy.Individuals with high self-esteem are confident and can face challenges. High self- concept enables one to think and act positively without feeling of inferiority.
2.         Low self- concept: Low self-concept is when the feelings and beliefs an individual has about himself or herself are negative and unhealthy. A person with low self-concept will suffer from feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy, helplessness, inferiority and inability to improve his/her situation. Low self- concept makes one to lose self-confidence and creates a sense of inferiority about oneself.
Ways of improving self concept
1.            Accept yourself the way you are. Do not compare yourself to someone else.
2.            Identify your strength and weaknesses.
3.            Set realistic goals for yourself.
4.            Identify your values and behave according to them.
5.            Develop your abilities and be fond of them.
6.            Cultivate positive relationship.
7.            Select a good role model.

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