Tuesday, 22 August 2017


There is a great discovery I have made lately. This has been confirm by what I observe in people around me. The great difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person lies in these two major things.

  • Management of time and
  • Management of endowments and opportunities.
When an individual is very conscious of his or her time, and understands that any time wasted can never be regained, he or she plans out and manages the time available to him or her carefully. By so doing, a lot is achieved within the shortest possible time. Whereas, when one procrastinates and plays away the time he or she has, he or she would end up not accomplishing much. So, manage your time well.

The next important thing that brings success is management of endowments or talent if you may say. As well as managing every opportunity that comes your way. A talent not utilized is just like a hidden treasure that is not important until it is found. Every human being has a talent and or a treasure buried in him by the creator. That is what makes you unique and different from others. So, discover and use your talent to shine. Again, opportunity lost, can never be regained, so make the best use of every opportunity that comes your way. Opportunity comes but once!!

Do you want to succeed, then heed this discovery of mine and see yourself soar like an EAGLE.

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