Monday, 17 July 2017


Have you ever experienced a great outburst of anger? What led to your anger? How did you react? What was the outcome of your reaction? Anger, as we all know, is inevitable. it is a natural phenomenon which, must occur in our day-to-day lives. We are all different in our outlook and expectations of the people we interact with. Inevitably, we get angry for different reasons.
               But What Really Is Anger?
Cambridge Dictionaries Online defines anger as "a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened.

                   TYPES OF ANGER
Some of the common types of anger include:
1. Verbal Anger: Anger that is expressed mostly through words and not actions. Verbal abuse is used to criticize and insult people.
2. Judgmental Anger: This is directed towards others and may come with feelings of excitement.
3. Deliberate Anger: This type of anger is shown by people who may not shout out angry but will get angry when something does not turn out the way they wanted.
4. Passive Anger: This is difficult to identify. Users tend to avoid confrontations with people or situation
5. Aggressive Anger: This is a form of active anger. Examples include: bullying, destructiveness, hurtfulness and menace behavior
6. Chronic Anger: This is prolonged and can impact the immune system. It is also the cause of other mental disorders.

                         CAUSES OF ANGER
A leading cause of anger is a person's environment stress, financial issues, abuse, and poor social situations.
          Common causes of anger include a combination of the following:
1. Annoyance
2. Being overwhelmed
3. Being ignored
4. Being underworked
5. Disappointment
6. Distrust
7. Embarrassment
8. Failure
9. Frustration
10. Financial problem
11. Harassment
12. Humiliation
13. Infidelity
14. Jealousy
15. Manipulation
16. Mental illness
17. Pain
18. Physical illness
19. Rudeness
20. Threats
21. Unwanted expectations
22. Unresolved difficulties or issues
23. Withdrawal from drugs or some medications
24. Rejection
25. Physical assault-hitting, pushing or dragging
Next time,we shall look at the effects of anger and how to manage it .


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