Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sex education begins from home

This is something on sex education and will like to share with you. I hope you will find it helpful
  • Teach your ward sex education before he or she is taught outside……..
  • On sex education, the first step is to teach your child the true and correct names of the private body parts. Vagina, breast, penis, scrotum and not bum-bum, kokoro, front and back bum-bum as some kids are made to know it nowadays. Teach him/her the functions of each part and why it is called private.
  • Once a child attains a knowledgeable age, do not permit him or her to see your nakedness.
  • Be your child’s best friend to gain his or her confidence.
  • Gradually teach him or her how to have confidence in himself or herself. Emphasize personal grooming.
  • Start off afterwards with materials that he or she can read on sex and learning about how to interact successful with the opposite sex. By then, the school will interplay with what you are teaching him or her. He or She becomes inquisitive, asking all sorts of questions, which you must readily answer.
  • Censor and control what he or she watches on television. The kinds of novels he or she reads must also be controlled. Don’t forget to teach him or her how to defend or find help in-between your lessons.
  • Let her know why she must not sit on the lap of a boy or man, father inclusive at certain age. At this point, sex education is subtly entrenched in your child.
Finally, ask for God’s guidance in raising a psychologically balanced and well-adjusted child.

Happy parenting. 

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  1. This is a good one sir.
    I will be more happier if we can take this to the next level.


    A. O. Samuel Ayomide