Friday, 23 October 2015


A successful result depends on good preparation and appropriate behaviour during the examination. You should be reminded of the following tips for a successful examination:

  • Stay calm and focused; avoid anxiety as much as possible.
  • Read the instructions slowly - at least twice before you start.
  • Ask for clarification (if needed) from the invigilators and follow instructions as may be given by the invigilators.   
  • Fill out personal details first (as required) before proceeding with the examination.
  • Select questions that you can attempt better.
  • Divide the time among the questions equally, to avoid running out of time.
  • Think properly before you write your answers.
  • Sketch a rough outline of answers, if possible use Mnemonic to remember the points.
  • Adhere to the time allocations
  • Attempt the necessary number of questions
  • Write clearly, using simple language.

Watch out for tips for writing CBT Examinations Next Week.
Good Luck.
From the Counselling Unit, DLI

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